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Why Chinese texts need word segmentation?

Chinese Wrod Segmentation (CWS) is to join Chinese characters into words and seperate them from each other. Take '人工智慧幾乎是一門人文學科' (AI is almost an humanity subject.) for example, after CWS, we expect to get...

AI/幾乎(almost)/是(is)/一門(a)/人文學科(humanity subject)

On the other hand, languages like English has space seperating words from each other in the texts does not require word segmentation processing.

Because of the feature in Chinese text, CWS processing is required to extract the minimal meaningful elements from Chinese text since single character does not directly contribute to the meaning of the whole sentence. Knowing what 'words' are can help us develop further applications such as semantic analysis, maching translation, searching and indexing.

Since CWS is the foundation of Chinese NLP, Droidtown fuses the knowledge between linguistics and computer science and builds a state-of-the-art CWS tool - Articut Chinese Word Segmentation & POS/NER System.

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About Droidtown

Droidtown Linguistic Tech. Co. Ltd., is established by a group of well trained modern Linguists. Through computer technology, we introduce the mechanism of native language acquisition to be the natural language interface between humans and machines. The name 'Droidtown' represents our ultimate goal as to become the hometown of all droids in the future. We hope to not only bring to the droids the ability of following commands, but also enable the ability to understand the meanings behind the words. As a result, droids will not replace humans in any occupation but the most thoughtful helping hands around humans. Our specialties include Null-DB Automatic Speech Recognition, Semantic Analysis, Intelligent Response, Natural Language Searching, Text Analysis, Text Mining and Training of Linguistic Technology.


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